For most people buying a brand-new motorcycle means to select full cover insurance. With many insurers you can easily pay as much premium for your cheap motorcycle as for an expensive car.

However, we have contacts in the insurance sector and are an authorised insurance agent. We can easily organise insurance cover for you although we recommend you sort your insurance yourself; it is often cheaper.

When you buy

Choose the insurer you want for your new motorcycle, or ask us to offer insurance cover. If you need neutral recommendation or help we are happy to assist. We will not charge you for this service.

When you lease and rent

Insurance costs are fully blended into leasing premiums and rental rates. You do not need to worry about it. Simply choose some of the cover conditions. That is all you need to do.

Our future plans

We are in negotiation with several insurers and work on deals which are comparatively cheap and still provide necessary cover. Watch this space! Contact us if you have any further questions.