Comprehensive finance options

When it comes to buying a motorcycle, Two Wheels allows for several alternatives on how to pay. We do not provide pure finance as of now - talk to your bank if you need a classic vehicle finance. However, our tailored lease purchase or rent to buy alternative suit in most cases where a classic finance option would.

Full payment

By either paying cash on the day of delivery or by setting up an online bank transfer, a full payment upfront is the cheapest and hassle free way to own your new motorcycle.

Lease purchase

With a lease purchase you can finance your new motorcycle. And if you want, you can add additional service cover which is blended into your lease payments. Click here for more information.

Rent to buy

With a long-term rental you pay per rental term and can extend the rental as often as you want. Your payments count towards the purchase price of the motorbike at the end of any rental term.

Our future plans

We work on a finance product for you. Watch this space! Contact us if you have any further questions.