The story about us

Fact sheet

Name: Two Wheels Limited

Business: import and retail of motorcycles and scooters

Founded: January 2013

Base location: Christchurch

How it all began

Back in 2011, Sven, the founder and owner of Two Wheels Limited, decided to buy a brand-new Honda CBR250RA - mostly because of its fuel efficiency and ABS feature. But this version of the CBR was and still is not sold in New Zealand. Two dealers told him that the more advanced model of the 250R was not available because Kiwis would not pay the extra money for the added safety feature.

What followed was a huge amount of research in how to import the motorbike he wanted plus finding alternatives to the Honda bike. The long and the short of it is that, in general, motorcycles are very expensive here in New Zealand and quite cheap overseas.

For no obvious reason we have to pay more money for less features than people in other countries. And most importantly, re-import does not work. It is risky and expensive.

What we want

The motorcycle market in New Zealand is small compared to other regions in the world. It feels like there is no serious competition between the few brands which are available. This leaves motorcycling enthusiasts in an unfair situation: they either compromise on their desires or they have to pay excessive money for it.

We love motorcycling and we would love not to worry so much about the costs anymore. This is why Two Wheels was founded: we want Kiwis to focus on the joy, not the expense.

The first thing we did was to significantly lower the initial costs. We achieved this by targeting multiple aspects when it comes to buying a new bike:

How we do it

We bring new brands to New Zealand which have a reputation for good quality and reliability. And we bring them in cheap. We offer motorcyclists an alternative to the otherwise expensive bikes with similar features and attributes.

To begin with, we focus on beginners who want to get into motorcycling. We offer several strong 250cc LAMS approved motorbikes which serve for both commuting and long-distance travel aspects. We have also a small range of scooters available.

We're not driven by profit. That's probably the biggest influence on our unbeatable cheap prices. We want to help New Zealanders. We import, sell and service with an effective small team. That's it. That makes our bikes so affordable.

We buy in big numbers. Plus there is no wholesaling. It's just us and a few guys wrapping and loading the bikes into containers, captains and their crews to steer the ships over the sea, and all the nice Kiwi guys from Lyttelton Port, customs and VINZ.

We also avoid everything that increases costs: no fancy showrooms, no excessive parts stock, no needless services, no dealership network, no franchise and not much marketing. We also keep the number of staff small: less people to pay means cheaper motorcycles for you.

Who we are

Two Wheels Limited is registered under the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 as an authorised Motor Vehicle Trader. Our team consists of Sven who directs the company and acts as the sales person, Ben who is the mechanical mate and some friends who support the idea of changing New Zealand's motorcycle market.

Where we are

Two Wheels headquarter in Christchurch Office, workshop and multiple storages are located in an industrial park in the east of Christchurch close to Highway 74.

At the moment we are primarily focused on the Canterbury region, however, we have clients from both islands and respond to everybody who lives between Cape Reinga and Stewart Island. Distance is not a hurdle for us as long as you live in New Zealand. Simply contact us and we'll get in touch with you.

We don't have a fancy showroom and you won't find a posh glass storefront or glamorous carpet. This is for cost reasons. One of our storage areas is converted into a showroom-like zone. Here you you can experience some of our motorbikes which we have in stock. This is also the area where we would like to meet you to discuss your enquiry.