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What you can expect from us

We love motorcycles and literally all related things. What we certainly do not like is that motorcycling in New Zealand is relatively expensive. Our aim is to change that. Read more about our ambition and history on our about us page.

Motorcycling begins with a bike and this is where we step in.

Two Wheels has the lowest motorcycles prices.

We can help to assist with finance, insurance, registration, service, after-sale and anything related to get and keep you on the road. You will find more information in our service section.

Frequently asked questions

There are quite a few common question such as "why is Two Wheels so cheap" and "what brands does Two Wheels sell". We have compiled these answers and many more in our FAQ section.

Personal requests

Individuals are unique and so are you. We value personal distinctions and love to care about everybody indivdually. We may not be prepared for any eventuality, but we are prepared to deal with any request to your satisfaction. Contact us!.