Frequently asked questions

Types of warranties

What warranty do get with my new motorbike?

Every motorcycle we sell comes with a new vehicle warranty. It is valid for twelve months from the original date of purchase or until the motorcycle has travelled a maximum of 10,000 kilometres.

What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty covers your motorcycle for a longer time and a longer travel distance than the new vehicle warranty does which is included in the purchase price.

Can I get a custom warranty?

Two Wheels offers warranty up to three years and up to 50,000 kilometres.

However, if none of the offered warranty extensions suits, then yes, we can certainly arrange a tailored warranty which suit your needs. Tell us what you are after.

Warranty costs

What do I have to pay for warranty?

The new vehicle warranty which comes with a new motorcycle is included in the purchase price.

The costs for extended warranties depend on the extension of the cover. For pricing details click here.

Why do I have to pay for extended warranty?

If something is wrong with your motorcycle, this will likely be discovered during the period of your new vehicle warranty. However, some possible faults might not be found out in a reasonable time.

Extending the warranty means that you get cover for longer. Two Wheels will replace and/or pay for repair and/or compensation for longer and we charge a premium for this service.

Warranty conditions

Can I extend my warranty after I have bought my bike already?

Yes. We suggest that you get extended warranty when you purchase your new motorcycle. However, extended warranty is available for new motorcycles within six months from the date of purchase and the motorcycle must have travelled 5,000 kilometres or less.

Are warranties transferable?

Yes, your new vehicle warranty extends to any subsequent owner during the warranty period no matter how many subsequent owners your motorcycle will have.

Your new vehicle warranty expires immediately the moment the motorcycle gets sold to a business or somebody who uses the motorcycle for business purposes.

Only extended warranties are bound to people and are not transferable.