Frequently asked questions

Getting road legal

What does registration cost?

Vehicle registration and licensing fees are listed at NZTA's website.

To get your motorcycle road legal though quite some more things need to be considered. We offer several packages to get your bike on the road. Click here for more information and pricing details.

Do it yourself

What can I do myself?

Literally everything. If you want you can get your motorcycle exactly as we got it from the factory: in a metal frame box. Assembling, disposing wrapping, warrant of fitness, registration and so forth, all of this can be managed by yourself.

From a costing and effort perspective though, we reckon that you want us to do the job. Also, if you assemble the motorbike and fill all the initial liquids yourself, Two Wheels does not offer extended warranty to you.

Can I register my motorcycle myself?

Yes, you can. For doing so you need some documents which we can provide you with.