Frequently asked questions

Insurance policies

Do you offer insurance for my motorcycle?

Yes, we do. Two Wheels is an authorised insurance agent. We can provide you with instant insurance quotes and sign up insurance cover for your motorbike.

Can I get insurance?

Normally yes. It eventually will depend on who you are, what insurance history you have and what you are willing to pay for the premium.

Can I select my preferred insurer when I lease or rent?

If you lease or rent with the aim to purchase your motorcycle eventually, you are welcome to choose your own insurance policy.

Otherwise, you have to accept the insurance policy we provide.

Insurance cover

What cover can I choose?

As with every motorcycle insurance, you can choose the type of policy to get the insurance cover you want.

When you buy a brand-new motorcycle, you typically want full comprehensive cover. However, you can choose less cover if you wish.

Which cover is included when I lease or rent a motorcycle?

It is always full comprehensive cover.