Frequently asked questions

Payment methods

How can I pay for my motorcycle?

We accept:

  • Online bank transfer: preferred payment option
  • Cash payment: at time of pickup or prior to delivery
  • PayPal: 4 % surcharge
  • Lease purchase: conditions apply
  • Lease option: conditions apply
  • Rent to buy: conditions apply

If you prefer another payment method please contact us.

Can I pay via EFTPOS or credit card?

We do not offer direct EFTPOS and credit card payments yet. However, we have a PayPal account into which you can pay via EFTPOS or credit card.

Finance options

Can I finance my motorbike?

Yes, you can. This is possible with our lease purchase and rent to buy offers.

You can also finance your motorcyle with a loan from a finance institute such as your bank.

What interest do I have to pay?

The interest depends on a few circumstances including payment method, deposit and your history with us.

However, the regular interest we charge is 1 % per month which equals 12.68 % per annum.