Frequently asked questions


Can I pick up my motorcycle?

Two Wheels headquarter in Christchurch

Sure you can. You are very welcome indeed. This is our recommended option anyway. We prepare your new motorbike, polish it and you can ride away from our premises with a full tank of petrol if you choose the ready to ride on road cost package.

We are located in the industrial park in Bromley in Christchurch. We will meet you at our storage, which we call the showroom, and there we hand over your new bike.

Where else do you have pickup locations?

Two Wheels headquarter in Christchurch

You can pick up your motorcycle at any public place in Canterbury, Marlborough, Nelson and West Coast.

We will deliver your motorcycle there and hand it over personally. The fuel tank will be fully filled with premium petrol if you choose the ready to ride on road cost package.

For all other locations please contact us.

What is the best time to pick up my motorcycle?

Any time is fine. Simply arrange an appointment with us.

What does pickup cost?

If you pick up your motorcycle from our premises, this is free of charge. In case you want us to bring your bike to a public pickup location, we charge a fee depending on the distance from our storage in Christchurch.

To your door delivery

Do you deliver to my doorstep?

Two Wheels covers all of New Zealand

No. We recommend that you pick up your motorcycle either from our premises or from a public delivery location .

You can also authorise somebody who does this for you.

We plan to offer local and nationwide delivery ourselves. Click here for more information.

Can you organise delivery for me?

No. But what we can do is get you in contact with several freight forwarders who know us and who can easily get your motorcycle transported to your doorstep.

What does delivery cost?

The costs for delivery to your door depend on what negotiate with your freight forwarder.

Your delivery address should be in New Zealand. Ideally, it is on one of the both main islands to keep the delivery costs low. However, if wanted, we can of course provide contact details for any delivery address in New Zealand and worldwide.