Are you passionate about motorcycles?

We totally are. We are looking for people who are of the same kind and would love to work for a small start-up company that values people with enthusiasm, creativity, and wit.

If you think you are the right woman or man for us, fill the form at the end of this page and apply! We will contact you shortly.

Motorcycle mechanic (part-time)

We are looking for another two self-reliant part-time mechanics who prepare motorcycles and scooters for sale, repair and service them and help enthusiastically to grow the Two Wheels business.

We currently don't have enough work to engage/employ full-time mechanics. Working for us, ideally, means you are a motorcycle mechanic at heart and love to play a leading role in a company that was founded only a year ago. We don't have a fancy showroom and you won't find a posh glass store front or glamorous carpet. The only things we offer are oily engines, motorcycles you have not touched yet and a relaxed work environment which you can shape yourself.

Desired skills: Passionate; tidy; quality-driven; conscious about safety; customer focused; organized; works on her/his own authority; qualified mechanic; good general all round mechanical skills; experienced with motorcycles and/or scooters; good English; sense of humour; full motorcycle and car licenses are an advantage; engineering skills and motorcycle electrical knowledge would be bonus as well as VI/WoF certification.

Work hours: For now, most work is on demand and can be scheduled flexibly to suit the mechanics' preferences, including after hours and weekends if desired. From February onwards work load will grow due to further 23 motorcycles and scooters arriving in our storage.

Engagement: Contractor (preferred) or part-time employee.


Be honest and authentic! Answer as much as you want, but don't tell us what you think we want to read. We are not into hiring an obedient workforce. We want people with a face, a name and a personality.

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Why Two Wheels?

We are a small start-up. Everybody who works for us directly shapes our future. With us there are huge opportunities, not hierarchies.

We work for happy customers and fully satisfied employees. We love what we do, talk about improvements and celebrate success. We are all about people and motorcycles, every day.